OOU Universal Knife Block Holder
OOU Universal Knife Block Holder
OOU Universal Knife Block Holder
OOU Universal Knife Block Holder
OOU Universal Knife Block Holder
OOU Universal Knife Block Holder
OOU Universal Knife Block Holder

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OOU Universal Knife Block Holder

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Universal Knife Block-Keep all your favorite knives within arm's reach!

Break through traditional shackles and feel the convenience of new designs,OOU universal knife block sits beautifully on your kitchen counter and puts your favorite kitchen utensils on display.You may feel distressed with too many different size knives that cannot fit into the traditional knife blocks.Simultaneously, it’s not easy to reach the knife while the edge will break easily if they are put together into the drawer.

Our universal knives block can store any knife up to 8.9 inches (blade) with any blade shape safely.




Sturdy and Compact Layer:

The innovative double-layer will ensures your knives slid in or pull out easily and protects them from abrasion. Your safety is assured by this sturdy knife block cause the knives won't fall out easily.

Detachable for Easy Cleaning:

You'll never know how dirty it is if the knife holder cannot be taken apart. We have considered this for you,our detachable top insert makes it quite easy to clean.Everything becomes simple.

Drain Hole to keep dry:

several holes in the base will drain the water out to prevents water and dirt build-up and keep the knives and block dry. Keep you healthy and enhance your enjoyment of kitchen.




Comprehensive consideration for you:

OOU advanced parallel type slots separate the knife blade so that the knives won't touch each other, this helps keep your sharp knife sharp.The knife edge won't touch the block as traditional blocks did. No potential risk of damaging the knife edges in the block. Also it's much easier to insert the knives.

Fit Universal Knives:

This compact universal knife block can hold your kitchen scissors and up 13 to 16 knives (Depending on the size of the knife handle). Save the space of your drawer for the other gadgets!

Superior Universal Knife Block:

Simple and stylish design knife block may keep your kitchen more neat and beautiful.

High-quality Plastic is 100% sustainable & safety for being used in the kitchen.Our products are meticulously planned and designed to work better with your lifestyle.



  • Keep out of children’s reach while knives inside
  • Please don’t put any knives with blade longer than 9.25” (i.e. 23.49cm) into this block
  • Please don’t try to put any knives into the square scissors slot


  • Up to 15 knives of any shape fit comfortably into the knife storage.
  • The weight gaining bottom enhance the stability when removing the knife and avoid scratching the counter.
  • The simply detachable top insert makes it quite easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • This stylish design knife holder is still a great gift for friends and family who love cooking.
  • Affordable and practical makes its value to everyone's kitchen.


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