Still using a wooden knife block? Whether it has rotted

Still using a wooden knife block? Whether it has rotted

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Kitchen germs are everywhere, and just because they're invisible doesn't mean they don't exist. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get sick because of kitchen supplies breeding mold.

Research data from authoritative institutions show that the average kitchen knife 1cm² bacteria up to 1 billion, is 20 times the toilet bacteria, 25 times the hospital bacteria. Common kitchen bacteria are E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, these two bacteria on the human body can not be ignored the danger of. E. coli can cause acute gastroenteritis, bloating, diarrhea, etc., while Staphylococcus aureus can cause pneumonia, enteritis, endocarditis, etc.

For the sake of you and your family's health, it's time to pay attention to the purchase of kitchen knives in your home.

I think we all have used wooden knife seat and wooden handle of stainless steel knife it.

First of all, the wooden knife seat for a long time in the kitchen, long-term companion with the fumes, the kitchen console is also relatively humid, so the wooden knife seat is very easy to moisture, over time the knife seat will be moldy and black inside, think of your knife every day surrounded by mold, are going to tremble. Long-term moisture, wooden knife seat will also slowly crack, and finally have to scrap.

Secondly, the wooden knife handle also has the same problem, every time you clean will be more or less sweeping water, with a long time, the knife handle will also be full of moisture and mold, in use will also break the handle, very dangerous.

The last is the stainless steel knife itself in the kitchen long-term exposure to moisture in the air, or will slowly produce rust spots, according to the degree of steel, the knife surface rust speed is not the same. If it is a cheap and inferior kitchen knife, the speed of rust will be faster. Take a rusty knife to cut meat and vegetables, and then through the ingredients into the body, although nothing serious, but the heart still has a capital no, especially at home with babies, small children, it is to say no.

Wooden knife seat and wooden handle of the stainless steel knife of those minefields how to avoid, there is no set on the market is not bacteria, rust, mold, not cracked knife set?

The answer is "yes", that is OOU coffee bear antibacterial series of black knives.

Are you still using a knife that is not antibacterial?

Kitchen bacteria are everywhere, raw and cooked food mixed cut easy to cross infection, once through cooked food into the body, easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and even endanger health.

OOU coffee bear antibacterial black knife using the brand's original OPD antibacterial patented technology, this set of OOU black knife can be rest assured that 24 hours lasting antibacterial, the effect is remarkable, after the authority testing, OOU coffee bear antibacterial black knife for E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate of 99% or more. With its significant antibacterial properties, you can feel free to take the knife to chop roast chicken, cut barbecue, cut fruit and so on, to guard the family three meals a day, become your health shield.

Are you still using a rusty kitchen knife?

Stainless steel knives placed in a heavy, humid kitchen environment, long-term contact with moisture in the air, the knife surface will have different degrees of corrosion and rust because of the superiority of the material.

Compared to other stainless steel knives, OOU coffee bear antibacterial black knife difference is its "black", which is the use of the brand's original BO oxidation anti-rust patented technology, this layer of BO oxide film can effectively block the moisture of the air and steel contact, to achieve the effect of rust and corrosion prevention.

Some people will also be concerned that this black oxide film will not fall off? The answer is that as long as you do not use super hard objects ultra-violent cuts will not fall off. And this product is also passed the food testing, so do not worry about the health hazards like other inferior materials on the market or spray-painted fake black knife.

Are you still using a wooden knife block that will mold and crack?

Friends who have used wooden chopping boards know that if they are exposed to moisture for a long time, the boards will become moldy and cracked, and will breed various bacteria, especially aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is defined by the International Health Organization as a Class I hazardous substance, which is very toxic and harmful. Aflatoxin is a fungal toxin that mainly damages human liver and kidney. So the ordinary wooden knife holder is also there will be this kind of health hazard hidden danger.

In contrast, OOU coffee bear antibacterial black knife set will not need to worry about this problem. This knife holder is food-grade PP material, the handle is food-grade ABS material, safe and reliable, and the knife holder can be disassembled and washed, the handle can also be washed with water, no longer worry about the knife holder and knife handle will be moldy and cracked, breeding bacteria. Plus the bottom of the knife holder is a leak hole, not to worry about the water after washing water mold.

Another advantage is that the knife holder storage function, random jack design knives cleaned and inserted into storage at will, do not worry about the wrong socket. In addition to this, can also store chopsticks knife fork scissors and so on, knife holder compact size does not occupy an area, it is very convenient to use.

Since it is a set of knives, it is certainly a complete package.First is the knife, as opposed to the previous set of knives, this only three knives, a chopping and cutting knife, a chef's knife, a fruit knife. Chopping knife, before cutting vegetables after chopping bones, convenient and quick, cooking and preparing materials are saved the time to change the knife, and the distinction is obvious, not afraid to use the wrong knife. Chef's knife can cut meat slices fish, fruit knife lengthened 5 inches, more convenient to peel and cut fruit.

Next is the knife sharpener, a total of three grinding mouth, A represents the coarse grinding, is tungsten steel stone rod, B represents the fine grinding, is a ceramic rod. If the knife is blunt you can first A after B, a few simple operations, the blade will be sharp. And there is a special place to sharpen the scissors.

Finally is the kitchen scissors, powerful, easy to use, usually you can cut scallions, parsley, chicken claws and so on. The blade has a tooth pattern here, can be used to scrape fish scales, the middle of the handle can also clip walnuts, screw bottle caps.

OOU coffee bear antibacterial series of black knife set is worth getting, in the same price range can buy such a set of antibacterial and rust-resistant, both anti-mold anti-cracking and functional knife set, this is simply a super bargain!

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